A Bright Idea – Collaborative Family Law

Collaborative thrive divorceOur communities need honest, authentic and loving connections so that they can thrive – even during times of challenge and conflict.  Relationships that are richer, kinder, and whole-hearted can be the foundation that we build upon to make our communities healthy.

Divorce has had a measurable impact upon our communities, and the myth that divorce must be destructive needs to change.  Divorce may be the end of one kind of intimate relationship but it is the beginning of many other kinds of relationships.  The relationship of divorced co-parents; the relationship of new intimate partners; the relationship of old friends; the relationship of post-divorce new friends; the relationship of former in-laws; the relationship of the former marital accountant…the relationships that are changed or created by divorce are boundless.

Collaborative family divorce can smash that myth and help families and consequently communities achieve better outcomes.

How?  One family at a time.

Collaboratively trained practitioners have made a conscious decision to devote some if not all of their practice to the collaborative law process.  Collaborative teams that are creative and complex problem-solvers, lead families to explore, empower, and thrive even after the family restructures through divorce.


Yes, it is possible to thrive after divorce.  If our families can be given the opportunity to shift and make positive changes in a process that allows them to achieve a successful long-term outcome, then our communities will also experience the benefits.  What a bright idea!

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