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    Resolve without going to court, confidentially

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    Resolve with respect and dignity

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Families do not benefit from our traditional adversarial court system –

In fact not only is it extremely costly – financially speaking, but it is extremely costly – emotionally speaking as well. Collaborative law brings a different out-of- court option to families. The Collaborative law process is a confidential team approach to resolving divorce and other family law matters, which minimize emotional, economic and legal trauma to you and your family and maximize the opportunity for results that last.



Visit the cfl-cfl.com website for
details about the process as well as
for a directory of trained
collaborative professionals.



Low Fee Option

A low cost divorce option
consisting of three full team meetings
for families of modest
means of $100,000 or less.

Low Fee Option


Free Divorce Clinic

A low income divorce or paternity option consisting of two full team meetings for families with a combined family income of $42,000 or less.

Free Divorce Clinic